On the Road with a Van: How to Make the Most of Your Rental

When it comes to van hire, every first timer gets a little intimidated. Choosing, loading and driving a vehicle bigger than the regular car seems like a huge ordeal, but it is actually much easier and much more affordable than it seems at first glance! As long as you take care to manage the details effectively, you can make the most of a wide range of multifunctional vehicles.

Built for Purpose: Using Your Van’s Size to Your Advantage

Most UK rental companies list vans sdasrinagar of 4-5 sizes which can be driven by anyone holding a standard driving license. These sizes range from small vans with a length of around 1.7m to extra-long wheelbase vans with a length of around 4.5m. It is important that you accurately measure the size of the largest object you are expecting to carry in the van before you choose a van hire. Also, it’s important to consider the position in which that item will travel, checking to see if it will fit in the van standing up or if the height of the van doesn’t suffice, in which case it will need to be placed at a more horizontal orientation. The other items you will be carrying also need to be considered: will they stack around the largest item or on top of it? How many trips will I need to take with the van in order to transport everything? These must all be considered as you choose which size works for your needs. Where the cost of fuel is concerned, larger vans use more fuel per trip, but a smaller van may need more fuel overall if you need to take several trips because of its size. Choose carefully to avoid overspending on fuel! biographypark

Stress-free Pick Up

As you would with any rental, it is imperative that you check your van for damage before you set off. A representative should accompany you as you review the vehicle and any existing faults must be noted before you even get in the van so you don’t get blamed, and then charged, for something that isn’t your fault. Ensure you feel confident with all the van’s functions before you set off to avoid being hit with any frustrating surprises during your journey.

Getting Used to the Size

If you’re used to driving a small hatchback, switching to a huge van can be intimidating. However, all you really need to enjoy the rental safely is a good grasp of common sense. If you can see you’re not going to fit into a space, don’t risk it. Height stickers are usually visible on the van’s dashboard, which you can directly refer to when tackling bridges and gates.

Loading Your Van Safely

Rental companies are happy to provide wrinky support and advice when it comes to loading your hire van correctly. Some vans will come with internal ties and supports to stop your items moving around while you travel. Remember that you will be charged for damages that occur due to unsafe loading and packing, so you should always stick to placing heavy objects on the bottom of the van and then stacking lighter items on top. This will reduce the risk of heavy objects falling and damaging the inside of the van. These vehicles are built for purpose, so don’t worry too much about tipping over. As long as you pack sensibly and drive with care, your goods will arrive safe and sound.

Finding and using a rental van has networthexposed never been so easy, and you can find support at every step along the way. Don’t be afraid to reach out for guidance, as it can be intimidating, but you will soon find your confidence on the road!

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