What You Need to Know About Sourcing Products for Your Online Store

What is Product Sourcing?

Product sourcing is a company’s method to acquire inventory to sell. To find marketable inventory to trade in your online shop, look into wholesalers, manufacturers, artisans, and other businesses and creators’ merchandise.

When starting an online store, one of the essential elements to success is knowing how to source products to sell. Finding products is finding trustworthy manufacturers or suppliers to supply the items you want to trade for your clients. There are various ways to procure products, including wholesale purchasing, dropshipping, or even creating your product.

The process of sourcing new products can be daunting. It’s more complicated than choosing a great product and putting it into your retail stores. However, there are steps retailers can follow to help the process run smoothly.

Find out about your product.

The first and most important thing is that retailers must be aware of the product. Market research is crucial; finding products with the proper research will succeed. The research required by retailers must be comprehensive.

The next step is ensuring your website is set to market products. A business license and a website established before any inquiries are vital, as any trustworthy supplier will require evidence of your business biographyer.

Wholesalers or manufacturers

Partnering with a wholesaler or manufacturer is employing a third party to supply the product to you:

  • Manufacturers can produce products that are custom-made to your specifications or offer their standard products (with modifications).
  • Wholesalers provide you with the stock they’ve purchased in other places dstvportal.

Ask for samples

When contacting suppliers, a part of your request is to request samples so that you can gather feedback from team members. Examine the item up close and personal and observe how the supplier manages this initial transaction before choosing whether or not to incorporate it into your product line.

Requesting samples is an essential part of your sourcing plan and an excellent method to determine the quality of the products.

Source products from trade shows

Trade shows were designed to connect distributors and suppliers with brand owners looking to purchase their brands.

Trade shows are great because you can touch the items before everything else. Negotiating is more straightforward because the competition is at the next booth, and reps are eager to return to their homes with closed deals.


Dropshipping is the process of sourcing goods whereby a vendor can fulfill a purchase. You display their inventory on your website, and the dropshipping partner takes care of everything following the sale packaging, shipping, etc. So you don’t need to manage the inventory.

Dropshipping is a fantastic option for starting a new online store. It also is an excellent option for expanding the catalog of products for an already established store.

Benefits of having a variety of sources for your items

When sourcing goods, retailers should be independent of one supplier that dictates the specifications.

Retailers are more concerned about having the items they believe their customers want on the shelves, and to achieve this, they may need to have more than one vendor offering specific products.

Quality control

When there’s more than one source for a particular product, it is possible for retailers to quickly evaluate the quality of two (or more) products to verify that they are both meeting the specifications set out from the beginning.

More affordable prices

If more than one vendor is involved, There is a chance to reduce product costs.


The process of sourcing items for CPG retailing could be more complex. Even once a buyer for retail has discovered a reliable supplier and built a solid relationship with them, the work continues.

The process of sourcing products continues even after the product is purchased, and maintaining the quality and integrity of the product is crucial, in addition to improving relationships with suppliers.

Collaboration with China vendors enables you to benefit from their vast manufacturing capabilities and gain access to various products from various sectors. To purchase items through China suppliers, you may use online marketplaces, trade exhibitions, or work with sourcing agencies with experience in the Chinese market. It is crucial to conduct a thorough investigation to verify the credibility and reputation of the vendors and then be clear about what you want.

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