What to Look for When Purchasing Commercial Safe

Your small business is growing, you’ve secured premises to start growing and developing and you need a safe, but you don’t know what you need in it specifically? We understand. The process of growing as a business often doesn’t tell us exactly what to do or how to buy or choose it. But luckily, we are here to help and guide you in this new world. Are you ready? Read on. 


Believe it or not, depending on what you are thinking of storing it is a very good idea to try to make the safe heavy enough, because a heavy enough safe is hard to move and can also give you a little extra security that it won’t get stolen. 

Remember that if a safe does not weigh too much it most likely does not have too much metal in its composition and this can be detrimental to you if you are looking to prevent the safe from being breached. Do not worry too much if you lose the key and think about how to break the material, locksmiths trained to open safes have all the necessary materials to meet this problem in case it happens. 


Remember that the distance between the door and the lock body will be a potential problem if it is too steep, as many thieves use crowbars to open them and other types of materials. 

The smaller that line is, the better it will be for you and for the security of the box.


Look for a material that is easy to anchor to the floor or somewhere like a solid concrete or metal structure. Since one of the most common problems is for the thief to steal your safe altogether, the best thing you can do is opt to anchor it to a location with the help of a company that specializes in safes. 


We recommend you do some research on the different types and locking systems that exist so that you can buy one that really works for you and avoids problems later on. For example, if you are a very forgetful person with the keys, the best for you would be a special key. In another case, eye or tactile identification would be better. And if you are a person with all your senses available, then opt for one that has several types of systems to open it.

Many times we trust, but we do not know at what moment someone can learn our code or at what moment you neglect your key. 

Layers of security

It is not enough to install a good safe, as there is no way to make any security device foolproof. Think of your protection as an intricate web where the threads come together to form a structure upon which your safe will rest.

There need to be additional security measures that criminals will encounter before they have a chance to see your safe.

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