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What is the Main Purpose of Making Social Films?

After Independence, the cinema industry has seen rapid growth. People watch films for entertainment and learn about social problems. The films promote products and services, which in turn increases sales and audience. However, these films are also used for social change, as in the case of the film “Padman.” The film was widely promoted and helped raise awareness about menstruation and the need for sanitary napkins in rural India. In addition, social films help in spreading awareness about a particular issue, such as corruption in high places.

The aim of social film drama is to draw the audience into the story, challenging their perceptions and raising their consciousness. This approach is beneficial for change makers because it can inspire them to act. By sharing stories of change, they can help initiate and sustain social change. The movie can be used to create awareness for a particular cause and bring a desired change to society. The impact of social films has made filmmakers dream of new hope and have inspired them to make social films to make a difference in their community.

Social film dramas are not merely aimed at raising awareness about social issues. They also have a more dramatic impact, as they often depict situations that affect people’s lives. They often tackle real issues through humor or drama. Documentaries are also great examples of social films that seek to inspire empathy. And while many people may not agree with them, they can at least watch a film that makes them think about their own lives and those of others.

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