Virtual Event Theme Ideas

To make your event stand out from the rest, consider one of these creative virtual event theme ideas. If you’re hosting a virtual for example, you can create a futuristic environment for attendees to interact with one another. Incorporate a game of “whodunit” or other get-to-know-you activities. This theme will engage attendees in a 3D virtual environment. In addition, it will give attendees an incentive to return next year.

For a fun, futuristic theme, assign your attendees a color and ask them to dress accordingly. You can even hold a costume contest for the most spirited costume. Decorations can also tie in with the theme, and colorful decorations can make for an eye-catching picture for your website. And remember to include some retro space snacks and red hoodies to get the most out of this virtual event theme. You’ll be amazed by the results!

If you’re launching a virtual event as part of a larger conference or a trade show, sports themes can be a great way to celebrate teamwork. People are naturally competitive and love to win, so why not create a virtual tournament? And if you’re hosting a virtual event with a sports theme, it’ll be even more fun if you can incorporate elements from the sport you’re featuring into your registration page or branding

Alternatively, you can go for a Hollywood-themed virtual event. Themed virtual events can have everything from decorations to drinks and snacks. You can even make your attendees dress up as their favorite stars. EDM fans will love a virtual battle of the bands. EDM artists like Avicii and Calvin Harris can even join in on the action! If you’re looking for some exciting virtual event theme ideas, consider hosting one of these events

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