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How to Turn Off Alexa Notifications on Your Phone

If you’re using an Alexa device and are frustrated with the notifications that come to your phone, this article will explain how to disable these notifications on your phone. There are several options available to turn off notifications from Alexa, but you may not want to turn them off completely. If you’d rather not receive these notifications, you can disable them by selecting the “Things to Try” option. Otherwise, you can simply turn off the notifications from your phone.

When using your Amazon subscription, you can ask Alexa to sound a notification to let you know that your order has shipped or delivered. Similarly, Alexa can let you know when you’ve been asked to rate a product. These notifications are convenient but can also spoil a surprise. To turn off Alexa notifications, visit the “My Account” section of your Alexa app and toggle the “For items in delivery updates” switch to the off position.

When you’ve finished customizing your Amazon account, you can use the “Settings” page to adjust the way your notifications come to you. You can also adjust the settings for your Alexa app to block unwanted messages. You can also choose to receive only notifications that you’re interested in. However, you should make sure to read all of the messages before deleting them, as they cannot be restored if you delete them.

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