How Did Soviet and US Military Technology Compare?

While the Cold War was a long, grueling struggle for supremacy between the US and the Soviet Union, soldiers of neither side directly engaged the other. Instead, they engaged in political maneuvering, military coalitions, espionage, propaganda, and arms buildups. There were also many proxy wars between other nations. The Soviet Union also developed a number of nuclear weapons. While the US developed the most advanced anti-tank missiles, the USSR lagged behind in the development of its own nuclear weapons.

While the US and the Soviet Union had vastly superior conventional land-based forces, they did not have nearly as advanced weapons systems. Despite this, the USSR conducted over 700 nuclear tests. It now has over a thousand nuclear warheads, second only to the United States. In addition to that, Russia also has a very advanced submarine fleet and has an uncontested lead in nuclear warfare. Despite the technological differences, the Soviets were able to achieve a significant advantage in the field of electronic warfare.

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The Russian military has advanced much more than the US, and their army’s T-14 Armata main battle tank is a recent example. The new tank is a point of national pride in Russia. Russians see their tanks as the main reason they won World War II. A senior British military official has noted that Russia’s investment in military hardware and training was primarily devoted to experimentation and building a nuclear arsenal.

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