Five Of The Best Batsmen To Ever Play For England: Ashes Heroes

Five Of The Best Batsmen To Ever Play For England: Ashes Heroes

The Ashes Test Series is played every year, and cricket fans from all over the world look forward to it. It is the most famous and important international cricket rivalry. Even though the first Test series between England and Australia took place in 1876–1877, it wasn’t called “The Ashes” at the time odishadiscoms.

The series was given the name by which it has been recognized ever since it was first published in 1882.

As the next ashes is approaching in June, it seems like a good time to look back on the careers of some of the best overseas batters who have played in the series in the past. It’s not a secret that England’s best batsmen have done very well in the Test series against their longtime rival, but only a small number of them have stood out.

So far, the following five English batters have stood out the most in terms of their overall performance.

  • Maurice Leyland:

A middle-order batsman who played for nine years and batted left-handed. He played in six different Ashes series during his career. Even though he is getting close to the end of his career, he is still known as one of the most successful English batsmen in tournament history.

Seven of his career hundreds came during the Ashes. In 20 tests against Australia, he averaged 56.83, which was much higher than his overall average of 46.06. It seems likely that Leyland played well the whole time he was playing against the Australians.

When he first played against Australia, in Melbourne in 1929, he got 137. Over the course of the following five series, he continued to put up large figures with his batting performance. Even though the English team lost the 1934 series, Leyland hit three centuries (with an average of 68.28) for the losing team.

At The Oval, where the last innings of the 1938 Ashes were played, Leyland got a new career-high score of 187.

  • Ken Barrington:

Even though he didn’t play for the winning team in any of the five Ashes series he was a part of after the war, Ken Barrington was one of England’s best hitters. He could almost always come through when the pressure was on. He used to be a very aggressive batter, but he learned how to control his aggression, which led to a big jump in the number of runs he scored.

He played against Australia in five different series, for a total of 23 games. On average, he scored about 64 runs per game. During the 1964 Ashes, he scored 256 against Australia in Manchester. Over the course of the series, he hit 13 half-centuries, which is a score between 50 and 100.

Even more amazing is that he scored four of his five centuries in the Ashes while playing in Australia. This shows that he was a good player even when the stakes were high.

  • Sir Len Hutton:

Sir Len Hutton became known as one of the most technically skilled players in the game by becoming a good opening batsman and scoring a lot in each of the five Ashes series he played in.

In his first Ashes series, which took place in 1938 in Nottingham, he scored a hundred. In the same series, at the Oval, he broke the record for the highest score by an individual in Test cricket with a huge 364. It’s hard to believe it’s been going on for almost 20 years.

Since Sir Hutton scored 118.25 in the very first Ashes series, no other batsman has been able to beat that mark. The last two Ashes series, out of a total of six, were won by England. He hit five hundred and fourteen and a half hundred years. His batting average in tests against Australia is 56.46, which puts him fourth among all English batsmen (from a minimum of 20 Tests).

  • Herbert Sutcliffe:

Herbert Sutcliffe was the first batter for England. He played in 54 tests over a period of 11 years. During that time, he reached the top of his technical skills and did well in six Ashes series against the best competition.

Sutcliffe’s batting average against Australia is 66.85, which is the best of any English batsman who has played at least 20 Test matches against the country. In his first series, which took place in Australia in 1924–25, he scored a total of 734 runs, including four hundred and two half-centuries.

Even though he played in six series, he never got to 100 runs in any of them. However, his batting average was well over 50, and England won three of the series while Australia won the other three. 1934 was the last year for one of his shows. Sutcliffe was one of England’s best hitters when they played against Australia, and he did this while he was on the English team. He got a total of eight hundred and sixteen half-centuries in the Ashes.

  • Jack Hobbs:

Jack Hobbs is the only English batsman to have scored more runs against the Australians in 135 years of Ashes cricket. His average of 54.26 over 41 Tests shows that he is England’s best hitter in this competition.

Hobbs got a total of 3636 runs in 41 tests, with 12 hundred and 15 half-centuries. He did this over the course of the 11 Ashes series over the course of 12 years. He always played well, whether the series was in the U.S. or in Australia. In fact, during England’s winning tour of Australia in 1911-12, he had his best average for a series, which was 82.75.

Hobbs, who at the time was thought to be the best batsman in the world, made the most of every chance he got. Nobody has ever come close to matching his batting performance in the Ashes.

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