BiharSong – A Political Tool

In the political context, BiharSong has been a potent tool to garner support among voters. It has been used by various parties in the state, including the Congress, RJD, and Nitish government. In its BJP version, the state’s development is talked about, including investments in educational institutions and startups. However, the song’s lyrics are largely uncontroversial. It is likely to become more popular in the future with the increasing number of Muslims living in Bihar .

The song was initially released by the RJD, but the JD(U) and BJP responded with their own versions. The BJP version refers to Bihar’s development as “song of people” and asks the people to listen to it with “clean lenses.” While the BJP denies personal attacks against Neha Kakkar, the song has sparked a broader political discussion. The Congress, of course, reacted to the BJP song by using its version of the ‘ka-ba’ as a slam against the NDA and JD(U).

While many of the state’s folk songs originate from Bhojpur, others are more universal in nature. For instance, the “Kunwar Singh Song” is about a freedom fighter who has been immortalized through a folk song from Bihar. Other songs in the state are associated with religious and everyday life events. Songs of this type are popular at religious ceremonies, including marriages, births, and paddy sowing and harvesting .

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