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Everyone loves playing games. There are numerous different gaming studios that are willing to conquer our love. Many new games are shown, and more get recent updates. No one will get lonely today. If you are bored from playing some old games, try to test your luck with online blackjack. We are going to talk here about recent fantastic news from the gaming world. 

Sun Haven

     A full-fledged release of the farming simulator Sun Haven, which combines elements of Stardew Valley and Dungeons & Dragons, has taken place on Steam. And, judging by 91% of positive reviews, the formula works perfectly celebritylifecycle.

    Sun Haven has been in early access since 2021 but has only just reached its full release, which includes over 200 new character customization options, new pets, a museum with 225 collectibles, and more. Although at first glance the game looks like DLC for Stardew Valley, a closer look reveals a full fantasy role-playing game with dragons and magic. The latter can be used both in battle and for farm work. In addition, there is a final boss, unlike Stardew Valley, where you can play indefinitely.

     When farming, fishing, crafting, and relationships get tiring, you can take on the main quest, going outside the village to the mystical elven city of Nel’Vari and the city of monsters Withergate starwikibio.

      Like Stardew Valley, Sun Haven hosts seasonal events, including a music festival, summer barbecue, Halloween, winter festival, and more. Within them, you can find special food, clothes, pets, furniture sets, and more.

     For now, the game is only available on PC, but a Switch port will be released in the future.

Victoria 3

    Paradox Interactive has released a large-scale patch 1.2 for the economic global strategy Victoria 3. The update added new gameplay mechanics, such as offline investments, improved trade, and war, fixed a bunch of bugs, and even improved performance allworldday.

    Since money is usually not taken for a patch, the developers decided to earn it in a different way and released the DLC Melodies for the Masses Music Pack. Victoria 3 is available on PC. The game has almost 20 thousand reviews on Steam, 67% of which are positive.

Space Cobra

      Publisher Microids has signed an agreement with Japanese animation studio TMS Entertainment. The result should be a game based on the Space Cobra manga. The title will be released on PC and consoles, but when this will happen is unclear. It is not even known who exactly will develop it.

     The developers are very excited to be working on the adaptation of Space Cobra, the legendary anime that has inspired an entire generation. They aim to respect the universe and characters created by Buichi Terasawa while providing an immersive gameplay experience that is true to the spirit of the anime series. The Space Cobra game will be a great adventure for fans and gamers looking for a rich and exciting universe.

     The Space Cobra manga was created by Buichi Terasawa and ran from 1978 to 1984. Based on her, two anime series, a feature-length film, and two short OVA series were released.

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