4 Types Of Orders supported By The Platform

FX market or Foreign Exchange is a kind of financial marketplace, and Forex is a shorthand name. Forex business or trading is selling and buying one nation’s currency for another for a particular reason. This market has been here for an extended time, but it gained popularity at the beginning of the 1990s thanks to the internet. It brought this market to an electronic platform, making currency trading more efficient and faster. One such online trading platform is Metatrader 4. It is one of the trading platforms for Forex, financial market analysis, and expert advisors. MetaTrader 4 features Mobile Trading, Trading Signals, and the Market to enhance your Forex trading experience. Mt4 download was launched in 2005 as a significantly improved version. Because of its popularity among traders and many third-party scripts and advisors, several brokers added the Metatrader 4 forum as an option to their existing forex trading software between 2007 and 2010. Since 2005, MetaTrader 4 has been a part of the Forex market. An essentially re-coded MetaTrader 5 came into public testing, which was beta in October 2009. InstaForex then launched the first MT5 live account in September 2010.

Market order

The most common type of order in this market is a market order. Thus, when a market order is placed, it can be said that it is executed in real-time. This order automatically looks at the market for the best possible price and places your order at that price. Because the Forex market’s prices change quickly, a person’s market order may be executed at a slightly different price than expected. In market jargon, this is mentioned as “slippage.”

Pending order

A pending order, also known as a market order, is a request to execute a purchase or sell deal only if specific criteria are satisfied. As a consequence, it might be classified as a conditional market order. As a result, pending orders do not get executed and are not factored into margin calculations until they are. To achieve a deal, pending orders eliminate the need to watch the market continually. Instead, it lets traders establish automated orders that will execute transactions in real time if specific circumstances are satisfied. For example, pending orders eliminate the requirement for manual trade involvement.

Profit Booking Order

These are typically used to close out a long open position by selling. These orders specify the requirements that must be met before the square-off. For example, a profit booking order is an order to execute a trade if the profit reaches 10% or the price climbs by 12%. In a market where prices move often and setting orders might take a long time, these orders allow traders to lock in gains.

Stop Loss Order

The flip side of a stop-loss order is a profit booking order. On the other hand, the profit booking order is significantly more extensively employed in the markets. The directive defines the investor’s acceptable minimal loss. Investors sell their assets if the price exceeds this, limiting their losses.

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