10 Minute Kid Friendly Meals

If you’re looking for quick and easy kid-friendly meals, chicken tacos are a great option. Use a hard or soft taco shell, shredded lettuce, or corn for a quick, easy meal. You can season pre-cooked chicken with your choice of flavorings and top with a soft or hard shell. newstribune Alternatively, substitute beef or fish for chicken. Make sure to use a non-dairy milk instead of cream.

Another fast and easy dinner idea is a sourdough turkey melt sandwich with a big green salad. For the full recipe, visit Aberdeen’s Kitchen. There are many other great kid-friendly meal ideas, including a meal-sized salad. Here are some of my favorites:

Canned tomato soup can be a quick and healthy choice if you have the right ingredients. Try incorporating kale and white beans for a more nutritious option. dailybulletin Make sure to use soups that contain no more than 450 mg of sodium per serving. Another quick and healthy option is a hearty salad with leftover chicken breast or salmon. Either way, it’s a meal that’s sure to please everyone.

If your kids are fussy about carbohydrates, you can make a meal from frozen. Try Kidfresh frozen meals, which are vegetable-packed and easy to make. They’re great for busy parents, and kids love them! When I cook with them, I make them as healthy as possible! I often prepare a large batch of kid-friendly meals at once, then freeze them. Then I reheat them for lunch or dinner the next day. dailybase

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