What Could Prolong Your Divorce in Boston?

On average, a divorce can take around 12-18 months. Thus, if your divorce process is taking longer than this, you might be wondering what’s causing the delay. But no matter how long your divorce takes, a Boston divorce lawyer is there for you at each step of the process. Also, they will ensure you don’t make mistakes that can drag the proceedings even further. Your divorce can take a long time because of the following reasons:

You are Not Sure About What You Want

Before you and your spouse meet to create your divorce agreements, ensure you have already carefully planned your priorities and non-negotiables. Arriving at the meeting without knowing what you want from the divorce extends negotiations and your divorce’s completion. 

Not Hiring an Attorney to Represent You

While you may think you can save money when you represent yourself, this will bring unexpected problems. Unless you are a lawyer, you may not be familiar with how the divorce process works. This becomes an issue if you have to know the forms to file. Having an attorney representing your interests helps you achieve a favorable outcome from the divorce.  Plus, representing yourself makes you susceptible to mistakes, which will prolong the divorce proceedings. 

Having a Change of Mind

Once you make agreements, you are not supposed to change your mind about them. Otherwise, you prolong your divorce as creating new agreements will take another time. When you negotiate with your spouse, you may need to compromise to suit their demands. But you should be comfortable with such compromises to prevent the problem from resurfacing.

Not Resolving Issues Through Mediation

Going to court takes more time than mediation. When you litigate your divorce case, you and your attorney must prepare for it. Preparation includes presenting the case to court and waiting for the ruling of the judge. 

Meanwhile, mediation lets you and your spouse meet with a mediator who will facilitate discussions and conversations regarding contested issues. This allows you and your spouse to create satisfactory agreements. But sometimes, mediation isn’t the perfect option for couples who cannot communicate effectively and reach an agreement. Still, medication can be a cost-effective way to divorce. 

If you and your spouse cannot agree on some terms and conditions of your divorce, you may benefit from the counsel of a divorce attorney. A great lawyer will help you make informed decisions when it comes to the issues that must be resolved in your divorce. 

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