Should You Hire A Lawyer When Dealing With Parked Vehicle Theft?

While accidents can be brutal to deal with, vehicle thefts have become more concerning. Unfortunately, many people have encountered vehicle thefts when they parked their cars in a parking lot or elsewhere for a considerable time. 

In such cases, vehicle theft victims often wonder if they should hire a lawyer or deal with it alone. However, you must know the benefits of hiring a lawyer when dealing with parked vehicle theft. The victims must contact a Fort Wayne car accident lawyer if they need legal assistance regarding car theft or accidents. 

Hiring a lawyer after encountering car theft:

Most people will refrain from hiring a lawyer when they encounter car theft. However, it will be necessary to hire a lawyer as soon as the victim reaches the incident place. Until the lawyer arrives, the victim must take pictures of the incident scene. Photographic evidence can be vital if the victim chooses to advance in the legal process. 

Besides, a car accident lawyer in Fort Wayne can help the victims in the claims process with the insurance company and ensure fair compensation. The lawyer can also assist the victim in gathering evidence from the incident scene and submitting it to the insurer. 

Lastly, the lawyer can also provide:

  • Assistance and guidance in dealing with car theft.
  • Ranging from filing a police report.
  • Contacting the insurer.
  • Submitting paperwork and evidence.
  • Claiming compensation. 

Tips to avoid car theft:

While hiring a lawyer to deal with car theft will be essential, it will also be necessary to be aware of tips to avoid car theft. Some victims might think they will only encounter car theft once. However, car theft can occur more than once to the same victim. Hence, it will be necessary for you to know the tips to avoid car theft. 

  • Doors 

People need to remember to lock car doors and windows before leaving the parking lot. It may sound redundant but closing the doors and windows is the first step toward avoiding car theft. 

  • Keys 

Removing keys from the vehicle’s ignition is the next step toward avoiding car theft. It can be easy for the thief to break into the car if the keys are left in the ignition. Even when leaving the car for a minute for a quick errand, you must not leave it running and remove the keys from the ignition. 

  • Parking 

It would help if you avoided parking in dark areas. It will be best to park in well-lit areas as they could be visible. Parking your vehicle in a well-trafficked area will also be essential as it can help detect thieves easily. 

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