Electricity generation from solar thermal energy

In addition to producing electricity from solar cells from various light sources, there are other production processes. That brings only sunlight that provides heat energy simultaneously with light as well. 

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The manufacturing process is The accumulation of heat energy by absorbing sunlight. to indirectly enter the electric power production process also known as The production of electricity from solar thermal energy fullformsadda.

The production of electricity from the thermal energy of the sun. will use both ways to reflect sunlight directly Or use indirect solar heat to generate steam. And in addition, the energy of hot air is used to rotate the blades of the generator (Generator) as well, which in various electrical power generation methods There are important characteristics that are different dishportal.

1. Solar Concentration

Solar Concentration It is the process of combining sunlight. to deliver enough heat energy to the center of the light By using a reflector with a parabolic shape. or similar to a satellite dish Made from a material called parabolic. or parabolic dish and other reflective materials similarly for the production of electric power Will add very high heat energy at the focus of the light But because the reflector plate must rotate according to the sun all the time. to bring heat from light to use in various degrees according to the orbits of the earth and the sun And the method that is most convenient and used in the field of electricity generation from solar energy is to use a heat engine (Stirling Engine) to spin the generator. to generate electricity directly But in this method there is still etvhindu a limitation of solar energy that is not constant. Therefore, the power required to drive the highly reflective dish is required. to control the dish to move in the direction of the sun’s rays As a result, the power generation system is not stable enough. There is a discontinuity in the production of electric power, so it is not very popular around the world to focus on this alternative energy. However, engineers have invented and developed. to solve these problems by using a combination system Or a hybrid system (Hybrid) to make the energy generated and wasted more complementary.

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2. Parabolic Trough

Parabolic trophic is a process of concentrating light that forms a parabolic disc. But the design is different in that quoteamaze the Parabolic Trov is a long track reflector. In order to control the rotation according to the direction of the sun is more convenient. And more importantly, it uses less energy to control as well. The equipment can also be installed on flat or low ground. A number of reflective parabolic tracks can also be placed. In order to bring out the heat energy, it is convenient to use By placing hot water pipes along the focal point of the parabolic dish rail. In which the heat obtained will have a high heat value enough to cause the heat to accumulate to the water to sublimate into steam (Stream) with very high pressure as well. to push the stream turbine or steam turbine And send power to the generator (Generator) to spin another one to produce electrical energy When the hot water generating steam circulating from the parabolic rail system is lower in temperature will be sent back to the parabolic rail system again To reduce the energy consumption of the rail to generate accumulated heat faster than releasing new water at normal temperature. As a result, the process of the parabolic trough in the production of this electrical energy. more efficient And has been widely popular all over the world.

3. Solar Thermal Tower

Solar thermal towers are the production of electricity. by combining the first two processes Both the reflector and the focus on the tall tower or tower (Tower), where the reflector will be controlled to move to find the direction of the sun’s position. to make an angle to be able to focus on the focus point Falling on the tower at any time And inside the tower there is a water pipe that flows. It is a system that receives heat from the tower’s surrounding light. until sublimated into steam (Stream). The high pressure of the steam will send power to spin the stream turbine. In order for the generator (Generator) to produce electrical energy. This process will have a very high production cost. It also requires a gigantic area. In order to get enough solar radiation, the tower will receive heat energy.

4. Solar Chimney Tower

Solar Chimney Tower is a generating power plant. By installing a chimney with a turbine or turbine installed to allow the heat equation to flow through the theory of thermodynamics of air. When the air is heated by the solar collector around the base of the chimney. The air is pressurized at a higher flow rate. If the area receives a lot of light, there will be a lot of heat as well. As a result, the amount of air circulating is correspondingly greater. Thus, there is a strong suction of colder air around the chimney base. The hot air flows together. into the crater In addition, the interior has also been designed to be shaped like a nose. To roll up the wind to accelerate (Nuzzle) to help generate rotational force for the generator (Generator) to generate electricity. Solar Chimney Tower is a very large renewable power production base. highest cost but also provides the greatest amount of electrical energy So the favorable area to build this project is the vast desert. And there is a concentrated amount of both solar energy. and abundant wind energy such as the United States, Australia and the Middle East, etc.

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