Zap Zits the Soothing Way With Overnight Spot Treatment 

Are you someone who’s had enough of waking up with yet more zits? Whether they appear on your face, shoulders, back or neck, they’re the last thing you want to have to deal with each morning. However, you may be suffering unnecessarily if you still haven’t made use of the overnight spot treatment known as hydrocolloid patches. 

One of the most common reasons why spots just keep coming back is because favorable conditions exist on your skin that allows them to keep returning. The trick is to stop yourself from picking and spreading bacteria around your face because if you can stop that, the battle is already almost won. 

How to Use Overnight Spot Treatment 

The first step in using zit patches is to give the spot you’re treating a good cleanse – which should be before your skincare routine starts. These zit patches are made from adhesive latex, with hydrocolloid gel that’s placed directly onto your whitehead or blackhead to draw it out. 

After cleansing, be sure to dab the area dry with a towel – don’t rub it, or you will almost certainly break the zit and spread bacteria – so that the adhesive part of this overnight spot treatment is able to seal itself to your skin. If any dampness is left behind, that’s going to be difficult. 

Leave On For Between 6 to 8 Hours

Most people use this treatment overnight, as it’s the most convenient time. Although they can be used whenever you like. That said, the duration of the application remains the same, which should be in the region of 6-8 hours. Go over this length of time, and it will likely be filled with pus and other skin debris that it’s drawn out.

Left in place, your skin will become irritated by the patch sooner or later. So, if you have worn them overnight, try and put some kind of reminder on your phone that should take them off/replace them.

Cleanse & Reapply

Zits come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s a chance that you might need to take another run at your zits with another patch. As great as zit patches are, they may not have the capacity to draw out all of the impurities in one go, meaning reapplication is necessary.

Again, when reapplying, you should go through the cleansing process as listed above before replacing it with a new one. Spots patches will work on every type of blackhead and whitehead, but sometimes a little more time and patience are needed.

Zit Patches – An Overnight Spot Treatment That Works!

Given a fighting chance, your spot patches will do their work silently and efficiently, sealing up those pesky spots with ease. By following the manufacturer’s directions on how to use the product, you’ll get the best out of them. This is typically how they’re all applied, but to be sure, scan the packet to ensure that the directions line up with what we’ve talked about. 

Look online, and you’ll see hundreds of testimonials and reviews of the most popular spot patch treatments, all shouting about how effective they are. This doesn’t happen by accident and goes to show that they’re every bit as effective as they’re claimed to be. 

These nifty little circles are so effective and comfortable that you might even forget that you’re wearing them. Just be sure to take them off in time! 

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