The Most Popular Epic Ape Slot Game at Fun88

Fun88 Epic Ape is one of the most loved slot games on the market today. The game is more about images of some wild animals, these video slots are designed by Playtech themselves. So what features does this slot game have that attract a large number of gamers? What features does the game have? Let’s find out and discover the little-known secrets of this slot game!

Introducing Epic Ape slot game

The game has a lovely, intuitive graphic style in addition to simple-to-understand instructions. As a result, they are now among the games that people enjoy and want to play the most. They will undoubtedly draw more participants as a result of what Epic Ape offers.

Playtech has made a game called Epic Ape available, and they went with a style that was influenced by wildlife. A lasting impact has been made on players by the game’s vibrant and eye-catching visual design and intriguing sound effects.

The game’s 6 reels make it possible for players to earn 300 per round quite readily. Up to 4096 fixed paths can also be used in this game to join for success. Players can also win more frequently with Epic Ape. A limit of 100 free plays could be awarded to participants.

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Epic Ape slot game icon

The symbols in this popular game are diverse. Will is a slot machine that plays the Epic Ape game and employs gems as its icons. They offer participants incredibly exciting, surprising, and alluring encounters.

The payment, which is said to be the size of the monkey’s biggest symbol, is given to the participant right away. Few games can match this extra bet’s high standard, according to experts.

wagers with linear currency up to 40, 150, 200, and 250, as well as integers up to 300 times. The apricot blossom and the black panther, which have boosts of 15, 50, 150, 200, and 250 times each, are the game’s multipliers.

High increases are 10, 40, 80, 150, and 200 times for the frog- and chameleon-like icons. comprised of the following six widely used symbols: A and K both have multipliers of 20, 40, 100, and even 150x, while Q and J have factors of 10, 20, 80, and 100. in addition to 10.9 boosts at 10, 20, 80, and even 100

Fun88 Epic Ape slot game features

What special features does Epic Ape have? What preeminent features of this game have attracted gamers? Let’s find out below to explain why they are loved and chosen to play so much:

The bonus of the game Epic Ape 

Like many other well-known slot machines, Epic Ape offers free plays. Free plays are a trait that many players adore and actively support.

Players can access the bonus feature to get free spins on the slot machine right away in the Epic Ape game’s video slot as well. Players must land at least three to six Scatter symbols in order to activate the free spins feature in the slot game. The number of spins is determined as follows: Eight free spins are awarded for three random symbols, fifteen free spins for four, twenty free spins for five, and one hundred free spins for six.

Players will have the opportunity to earn additional free spins if they have at least three Bonus icons during the free spins. After completing previous spins, players can begin new plays. The bookmaker provides participants with limitless free spins to ensure they have the finest experience possible.

Players can earn many wonderful prizes by using icons in the Epic Monkey game. These symbols, which also show, are extremely unique and can even be stacked.

In particular, this game’s extra feature makes it very easy for players to create combos at the same time because it offers these icons and up to 300 coins.

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FAQs about the Epic Ape game at Fun88

Q: What is the Epic Ape slot game?

A: Fun88’s Epic Ape slot game was released by Playtech with a wildlife-inspired design. The game features vivid and eye-catching graphics combined with interesting sound effects. It allows players to win more often with 6 reels and up to 4096 fixed directions to be able to combine a win. There are also many different icons with a maximum bonus bet that few games can beat.

Q: What features does Fun88 Epic Ape have?

A: Fun88’s Epic Ape slot game has free spins and symbols that can provide players with great rewards and can even be stacked. It is convenient for players to form combos at the same time, this game bonus is provided with these symbols and up to 300 coins.

Q: Is Fun88 Epic Ape a safe game?

A: Fun88’s Epic Ape slot game is 100% safe and secure for its users. It is regularly tested for fairness by including, Fun88’s Epic Ape slot game is a great choice for players looking to have some fun and win big rewards. The game features vivid graphics combined with interesting sound effects, free spins, and symbols that offer wonderful rewards. Fun88 ensures the safety of its users so they can enjoy the game worry-free.


Fun88 Epic Ape, a game that is popular with vivid, eye-catching images and outstanding features, is an extremely attractive game. As one of the top favorite slot games at online casinos, Epic Ape brings gamers huge income with only a small amount of capital. And Fun88 is one of the leading reputable online bookmakers in the market, providing popular, attractive, and extremely attractive online games. If you want to experience exciting games like Epic Ape, do not hesitate to quickly visit Fun88’s website today.

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