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Is JYP a Good Company For Foreigners?

As a foreigner, it may be tempting to join a Korean entertainment company. JYP is the largest, most open company in Kpop, but it’s also not a good choice for people who aren’t East Asian. After all, the founder and CEO of JYP is worth $169 million. In addition, employees are encouraged to work as long as they enjoy their jobs, and many reviews point to the company’s high levels of satisfaction.

First, foreigners should know that there is no guarantee of getting into JYP. Even if they do pass the online audition, they aren’t assured of a video interview with JYP staff. If a foreigner is seriously considered for a trainee position, JYP will only invite them to an audition. Moreover, they’ll be paying a foreign attendant to fly to the audition venue and perform in front of a panel of judges.

After deciding on which company to join, foreigners should read about the company’s history of physical punishment. Park Jin-young once said that “looks don’t matter” and that looks don’t matter in JYP. He also emphasized that “warmheartedness is what makes a good employee.”

JYP is a South Korean multinational entertainment company and record label founded by a South Korean. It is the country’s largest entertainment company, specializing in talent discovery and music production. However, this company is a risky investment for foreigners. As a foreigner, I’d recommend JYP to friends or family who are interested in working in South Korea. It’s a great way to make money and build relationships in this dynamic city.

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