If you’ve ever seen or heard of a fingerboard

You know that they’re a popular recreational skateboarding product. They’re available in hundreds of different brands. Some of the top brands include TECH DECK, BISOZER, HOMETALL, Charniol, and Creativity for Kids. Here’s a list of the top products and what they’ve got to offer.

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When they first hit the market, fingerboards were small skateboards that looked like keychains. Eventually, they became their own standalone product, with all the features of full-size skateboards. Their popularity paved the way for new marketing opportunities for skateboard companies, and they helped bring the sport to a new age. Fingerboards are now widely available as a toy for children.

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Nowadays, you can make your own fingerboard with just a popsicle stick, a piece of sandpaper, and a wooden deck. You can also make your own mini skateboards by cutting straws into one-inch-thick pieces. If you’re really into making your own, you can even create a miniature version with plastic skateboard decks.

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The craze for fingerboards started when McDonald’s included them in their Happy Meals in the early 1990s. Then, skate companies began giving away free fingerboards as promotional gifts. Nowadays, the fingerboard scene is alive and kicking in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., with some brands selling over 20 million fingerboards at one time. The fingerboards market is thriving and there’s even a competition to find the best fingerboard rider.

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