How Good Is Apple When Compared With Samsung?

In this article, we’ll compare the specifications of Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy Notes to see which is better. Both brands make great smartphones. Samsung has the best screen, but Apple’s is arguably better in terms of overall performance. However, both brands use different processors. Apple’s A14 Bionic chip is far superior to Samsung’s Qualcomm 865+.

In recent quarters, Samsung has improved its profitability. In the third quarter of 2021, its semiconductor division accounted for 36% of sales and 64% of operating profit. This is because the company sells data storage, a valuable commodity for any company. Samsung and Apple are known to have a tumultuous relationship, however. Apple sued Samsung in 2011 for copying its iPhone and iPad and Samsung responded by countersueing Apple for patenting its wireless networking technology.

While Apple has superior design, Samsung offers more advanced features. The camera is an area where Apple excels, and Samsung’s is not. Samsung phones feature top-function lenses, low-light HDR, and scene optimizer. Apple’s cameras also have great camera features. The latest iPhone models have LiDAR scanning technology, which creates a depth map and augmented reality.

While Samsung has a more open platform, Apple has a more proprietary operating system. Android has an open-source operating system and uses the open source x86 API. In addition, Android is more resource-intensive than iOS. For these reasons, Apple’s iPhones have a higher performance edge over Samsung’s. With that in mind, Samsung’s smartphones have been favored by users for several years.

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